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Zuru Latam presents: D2D powered by Zuru Latam in Mexico

15 Agosto 2023

Zuru Latam announces the launch of D2D powered by Zuru Latam in Mexico, a new commercial division specialized in meeting the insurance needs of logistics operators through digitalization.


Through technology, logistics operators will be able to generate a new line of business, earn revenue and offer a better digital service to their customers, without complications or additional costs.


Also with the launch of D2D, Zuru Latam makes available its innovative on-demand insurance technology, which is digitally integrated with the main insurers in the market to meet the insurance needs of logistics operators, freight forwarders, customs brokers and other logistics industry players.


This SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with embedded insurance, allows logistics agents to insure their clients’ cargo, shipment by shipment, in a few minutes. This technology allows each executive, by securely logging into their portal, to quote and issue policies to their customers instantly.


D2D Powered by Zuru Latam is backed by HDI Global and Chubb, which guarantees broad coverage both domestically and internationally. Soon, it will also launch a new range of services, offering container insurance, property insurance, liability insurance and a wider variety of options for its customers.


In just a few days since its launch on the market, this digital platform has already been enthusiastically adopted by multiple logistics players, who have experienced the benefits of self-management and quality of service to their customers. The positive feedback received so far shows that this solution generates added value for the logistics sector, providing them with a competitive advantage that guarantees the protection of their customers’ cargo.


Likewise, multiple Digital Partners have begun to show interest in the development of commercial alliances, which together with D2D offers attractive benefits for automating cargo insurance through digitalization.


A successful future: At D2D we are committed to continue evolving and providing digital solutions that benefit the entire logistics industry, contributing to close the insurance gap in the sector and protecting assets that ultimately translates into economic stability in the region.


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